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Trattoria Schiavon
Open all the year

Trattoria Schiavon

Open all year, the Trattoria Schiavon is situated in the hotel, it wins the customers over right from the very first courses, the starters being among its most renowned specialities.

But let’s not talk about simple starters because what this renowned restaurant, not far from piazza Mazzini, offers are the famous “cicheti”, samplings cooked and served following the best tradition of our areas and the variety offered by the daily market.

Its dishes represent a brilliant blending between the characteristic Venetian maritime tradition and the, in a way modern, re-examination of the service and the quality of the products that distinguish it.

Those who might still be hungry won’t resist the temptation to taste the classics of the catering industry, dishes that range from the traditional first courses to various main courses of fish and meat.

Absolutely not to miss is the mixed fried fish and vegetable dish.
At Zodiaco’s all this specialities may be tasted along with the wines from the best Italian wine-cellars. Delicious are, in the end, the sweets included in the dessert menu, different every day for they are rigorously home-made.

Special discounts are applied to the hotel customers.

12am – 02pm 
07pm – 11pm